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Bruntingthorpe has a significant aviation heritage having been initially constructed in 1942 for use by the heavy bombers of World War II. After the war the airfield was used for the top secret test flying of the jet propelled aircraft by Frank Whittles’ Powerjets Ltd company.

In the 1950’s Bruntingthorpe was allocated by the MOD for redevelopment and a completely new airfield was constructed for use by the largest nuclear bombers of the USAF. It is this infrastructure with its 3.2 km long runway which remains intact to this day although the emphasis of activity nowadays is very much the automotive sector.

C.Walton Ltd is keen to maintain the link to the aviation heritage of the site and as a result has encouraged the growth of the Cold War Jets Collection, which is open for visits by members of the public on every Sunday throughout the year. The jets are mostly maintained in full working condition and twice a year they are taxied under full power at the Cold War Jets Open Days. Even if you’ve seen these aircraft before, it remains an impressive spectacle to all who attend!